One of over 100 LNG regasification terminal around the world targeted for adoption of the iTEG-HX

Solid Cell makes its debut at Hannover Messe in the USA Energy Pavilion as part of the New York State small business delegation.  The Company showcased its thermoelectric and surface stabilized combustion products at the event.  Hannover Messe is the largest industrial trade show in the world.  This year the event featured over 5,000 exhibitors from 75 countries and 210,000 trade show visitors from around the world.  Solid Cell’s participation was made possible with the generous support of the Global-NY State Trade Expansion Program (STEP).

Solid Cell exhibits at the 10th Advanced Energy Conference held at the Marriott Marquis at Times Square on Broadway in New York City.  This year’s theme for the conference was The Future of Energy is Here.  The event showcased decades of research and development in renewables, batteries and other technologies that are realizing their potential today as vibrant sectors of our economy.  The conference offered an excellent opportunity for the Company to demonstrate its latest innovative solutions in thermoelectric and surface stabilized combustion technologies to a targeted audience of industry experts, researchers, and policy makers.  

Solid Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Arkady Malakhov, spoke in a session on Additive Manufacturing via Functional Printing, where he described how 3D printing technology is changing several segments of the alternative energy sector.  

Solid Cell selected as one of ten clean energy companies from upstate NY from a field of over 50 competitors to participate in the 5th cohort of the NEXUS-NY clean energy accelerator.  The program is based on the Lean Launchpad methodology designed to help rollout new products into the market by defining value proposition and customer fit. Solid Cell participated in the program with its iTEG-HX technology for waste cold recovery.

Solid Cell, in collaboration with Highview Power Storage and Gas Technology Institute, presents poster on electricity generation from vaporization of cryogenic liquids with integrated thermoelectric generator at the NY-BEST Annual Energy Storage Technology Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Rochester, NY.  This event focuses on technological advances, research & development, and commercialization efforts in energy storage technology.  Attendees and presenters include industry leaders, academic leaders, key policy makers, and other important stakeholders in the energy storage sector. 

Solid Cell awarded Phase I NSF grant to develop Integrated Thermoelectric Generator-Heat Exchanger (iTEG-HX) under the leadership of Principal Investigator and Director of Thermoelectrics Dr. Yuriy Lobunets.  The iTEG-HX will generate carbon neutral electricity through recovery of cold energy during regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG).  This innovative technology will benefit the US economy by making American LNG more cost-competitive in export markets.  The value proposition behind the iTEG-HX concept is the ability to engineer modular thermoelectric elements directly into an LNG vaporizer.  Thermoelectric elements are solid state devices that convert temperature differences directly into electricity, bypassing losses associated with conventional thermodynamic cycles.  These devices have been used commercially in high temperature applications for many years, but the proposed project will focus on developing a device for recovery of latent heat at cryogenic temperatures.  In addition to generation of electricity from vaporization of LNG, the technology has broad commercial applications, including electricity generation from industrial and commercial vaporization of liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide or oxygen for onsite distributed power, or as part of next-generation liquid air energy storage systems (LAES).

Alvise Pallaro joins Solid Cell as Chief Administrative Officer.  Mr. Pallaro is a military pilot and electrical engineer by training with a recent masters degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Rochester.  He is an experienced leader and entrepreneur, having previously co-founded two successful technology companies, as well as having restructured a failing family real-estate business in Italy into a successful profit center.    

Dr. Yuriy Lobunets joins Solid Cell's team as Consulting Scientist and Director of Research for Thermoelectric Technology.  He is an internationally renowned expert on thermoelectric energy conversion and renewable energy, with forty-five years practical experience developing TEGs and hybrid energy systems.  Dr. Lobunets’ experience covers a full spectrum of industrial/product R&D areas, including technology assessment, strategy and roadmap formulation, fundamental and engineering study, processes and manufacturing development, system design and operation, prototype demonstration and cost/market analysis, and task coordination.  He is author/coauthor of over 70 published books, technical articles, and patents on thermoelectric and related technologies.  Since 1995, Dr. Lobunets has been a member of the prestigious International Thermoelectric Academy.

Solid Cell delivers customized fuel processing test station to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.  The test station was developed to be paired with a 1.5 kW solid oxide fuel cell, which is currently under test at NASA as part of the agency’s manned Mars exploration program.  The test station includes a high performance metal foam-based catalytic reactor designed by Solid Cell’s sister company NOVOROCS Technologies.

CEO Arkady Malakhov and Director of Thermoelectrics Dr. Yuriy Lobunet prepare to receive visitors at the Company’s booth in the U.S.A. Energy Pavilion

Dr. Yuriy Lobunets

Solid Cell CEO Arkady Malakhov showcases the Company’s technology portfolio

Fuel processing test station at Solid Cell facility in Rochester, NY before shipping to NASA

The iTEG-HX Conceptual Rendering

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